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Decorative Arts Center of Ohio


Fri 06 / 21 / 2024
12:00 PM to 3:00 PM


145 E. Main St.
Lancaster OH

Who can attend

Members only

Limited Capacity: 7 spots available


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Join us for a trip to the Ohio Decorative Center to see their exhibition, Mod: Visual, Social, and Cultural Renaissance of the 1960s!
Embark on a retrospective journey through an exhibition capturing the 1960s' pivotal cultural revolutions that are still blazing today, impacting visual, social and cultural landscapes.
Through a variety of art mediums including prints, record albums, furniture and clothing, visitors will immerse themselves in the conflicts that arose from the growing pains of a society in the adolescence of extreme technological growth. Come be inspired by those who gave voice to the long-simmering grievances of humanity and freed the creative spirit of a generation yearning to challenge the status quo.
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